Manifest - I invite you to my fiesta!

14-05-2014 - Staff Pixelatl

Manifest - I invite you to my fiesta!

Celebrations are key moments in the lives of every human community from every culture around the world. They take us out of our daily routine, providing us with an oasis where we can relax and get in touch with ourselves beyond everyday contexts.

They are also about commemorating. About creating collective memory. About remembering who we are and what we have been, while honoring those who blazed the trails that allow us to be here today.

And so it seems that festivals help us become part of something bigger. They also facilitate building a collective identity, because it is the only way to see ourselves in others from the present and from the past, discovering thus that we have a lot in common.

This is what remembering is all about: knowing ourselves again. What I am, what you are, what we do, what is worth sharing. The best in each of us.

This is what we celebrate: what we are when we come together.

This is how we will build what we can eventually become.

And this is why I invite you to my fiesta.

(If you come, it will be your fiesta too.)

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