Manifest - That which Unites Us

12-01-2015 - Staff Pixelatl

Manifest - That which Unites Us

In every society there are breaches: social, economic, and cultural differences; racial or class prejudice; religious or beliefs’ intolerance; gender or educational discrimination; even recently, there is a technology gap that adds to all these abysses that split us apart.

It appears to be the constant of our time: Many boundaries co-existing and less common ground to discover each other.

In integrated societies, development is generalized and continuous because social ties enhance solidarity and mutual help. Together, we challenge uncertainty and resolve common problems. Connected, we can reach further. United, we can endure.

We believe in community as a support, as a springboard, and as a safety net at the same time.

That’s the reason we need to overcome our social breaches.

Focus on what we have in common with each other.

Embrace that which unites us.

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