Numeralia - Lagunafest 2012

06-11-2012 - Staff Pixelatl

Numeralia - Lagunafest 2012

  • One animated short film competition
  • One exhibition on the art of animation
  • 3 features pre-released in Mexico
  • 6 short films commissioned on the subject of violence
  • 8 specialized workshops on animation and sound design
  • 11 films were released as part of the contest "Páginas Animadas"
  • 16 Conferences from key professionals in the industry as Pixar, Disney, Electronic Arts, etc.
  • 21 Guests from Portugal, USA, Spain, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico
  • 42 Sponsors and partner supported the festival
  • 106 projects entered the animated ideas contest Ideatoon
  • More than 100 short films from around the world were projected during the festival

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