Manifest - To Celebrate is to Resist

10-02-2014 - Staff Pixelatl

Manifest - To Celebrate is to Resist

We believe that partying is a form of resistance. Like arte, family, recreational sports, and other similar trenches they help us to survive a selfish economic model that favors interests, maximum efficiency, and a big return at no cost without taking into consideration personal, social, or environmental consequences.

In a party, the values that prevail are different: Generosity, cooperation, happiness, and integration. Parties are about sharing and celebrating together. That’s the bottom line of this collective experience, creating links that transcend cultural, social, or economic boundaries. That’s the only way we can connect again our broken society.

In Mexico and all over the world we need more parties.

We believe animation is a celebration and our festival is a party where everybody is invited.

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